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The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural research, affiliated with Linköping University’s Campus Norrköping.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the research field of cultural studies by serving as a bridge-builder between institutions, subjects and perspectives. ACSIS is a coordinating and dynamic resource for Swedish cultural researchers, acting as a link to the transnational field of cultural studies. Between 2015-2017 ACSIS focus on “Meditatisation of Everyday Life”. During 2016 the activities will evolve around how research methods are currently changing.


Culture Unbound’s first ever issue is published!

Since its inception in 2009, Culture Unbound has published innovative cultural research in volumes made up of thematic sections and independent articles. This year we will start to structure the volumes in issues, and Culture Unbound is very proud to have its first ever issue online! This issue contains the independent article ‘Photography Reframed’ by Anna Dahlgren, and the thematic section ‘Rupture and Exile: Permanent Liminality in Spaces for Movement and Abandonment’ edited by Harmony Siganporia and Frank G. Karioris. This thematic section approach changes brought by the wave of movement in the 20th and 21st centuries, be it physical or political, within or through borders, related to geopolitical transformations or individual subjectivities, through looking at the space and place of liminality within cultures and peoples, at the extension of liminality towards permanence, and the ways in which permanence is managed, obtained, and addressed.

Please click at the heading to read the new issue.

Conference 2017

Next ACSIS Conference will be held in Norrköping, Sweden the 19th-21st of June 2017. Call for panels and papers will be announced after the summer.

ACSIS support five workshops on the challenges and possibilities of cultural research

Under the heading Leaving the comfort-zone: a critical look at cultural research, contemporary challenges and possibilities the following exciting workshop projects are granted support:
• Making it matter: publics and practitioners in cultural research on the arts, Alison Gerber, Uppsala University & Anna Lund, Linnaeus University.
• The place of Art and Aesthetics in Cultural Research, Max Liljefors & Robert Willim, Lund University.
• Interpreting instruments and instrumentality in measuring, Åsa Bäckström & Håkan Larsson, Stockholm university.
• (non)representational-dinner-conversation/gather-around-art, Luis Rafael Berríos-Negrón, Anna Laine & Johanna Rosenqvist, University Collage of Arts, Craft & Design.
• The role of art and humanities in environmental crisis: a walking workshop, Anna Kaijser, Linköping university.

The projects are expected to lead to panels, sessions or papers at ACSIS’ conference 2017, and/or articles or thematic sessions in the open-access peer-reviewed journal Culture Unbound: Journal of Cultural Research.

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Culture Unbound - Journal of Current Cultural Research

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