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The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural research, affiliated with Linköping University’s Campus Norrköping.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the research field of cultural studies by serving as a bridge-builder between institutions, subjects and perspectives. ACSIS is a coordinating and dynamic resource for Swedish cultural researchers, acting as a link to the transnational field of cultural studies. During 2015 ACSIS will largely focus on mediatization.


Mobile Research / Researching Mobility

Workshop, 09:30—16:00, November 25, 2015
EB G38, University of Western Sydney
Today’s cultural researchers are becoming more mobile as the funders of their research are increasingly investing in internationalisation. Individual researchers are given opportunities – or must meet expectations – to work outside their home country, and contribute to an ever-growing number of projects conducted in partnership with researchers in different countries. While many aspects of mobility are fairly well researched, we as academics rarely subject our own mobility to the same kind of attention. We think that it is important to reflect on how mobility affects the research process and the production of knowledge.
This workshop explores the mobility of research through four panels. The first two panels directly address questions of mobility within academia, while the second two focus on specific research projects. The workshop is part of a collaboration between the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) based at Linköping University (LiU). In the afternoon PhD students from LiU and WSU will present their ongoing work, and researchers from ICS and LiU are invited to comment on the presentations from their own academic and geographical perspectives, aiming to establish a dialogue between Swedish and Australian researchers.

New issue of Culture Unbound

Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research is proud to present a new thematic issue: ‘Cultures of Disaster’ edited by Anders Ekström and Kyrre Kverndokk. The featured articles examine narratives of disaster and apocalypse, disaster optics in relation to popular and political productions of states of emergencies, as well as some examples of what has been called the cultural turn in disaster studies.
You can read and download the entire issue free of charge from Culture Unbounds webpage.

Creative work in the era of new capitalism

Acsis Seminar, in English
October 8, 2015 13.15-16.
Tvärsnittet Kopparhammaren, floor 3, Kungsgatan 56, Campus Norrköping

This seminar critically approaches the conditions of creative work by bring together scholars from Sweden and Australia. David Redmalm’s presentation deals with the Hungarian IT company Prezi that blurs boundaries between work and fun so as to produce a work environment characterized by “openness” to social issues and innovative ideas. George Morgan’s paper takes a theoretical approach in order to zoom in on how independent creativity is harnessed by the new economy to generate wealth in processes of commodification of art and intellectual work.

”It pays to be open”: The cultivation of openness in alternative entrepreneurship
David Redmalm, Uppsala University, Annika Skoglund, Uppsala University & Karin
Berglund, Stockholm University.

Mythologies of New Capitalism
George Morgan, University of Western Sydney


ACSIS c/o Museum of Forgetting at Norrköpings Konstmuseum

A seminar in connection to the exhibition "Is This the Time for Art?" - The Museum of Forgetting

Tuesday September 29, 13-16
Venue: Norrköping Art Museum

Art about migration and refugees confronts us with the problem of how to represent the politically unrepresented, and how to exhibit an ongoing and man-made catastrophe. It forces us to ask whether this is the time for art. The question is triggered by the gravity of Europe´s current refugee crisis and questions about the usefulness and ethics of art reflecting the pain of others. The problems of the limitation of the artistic action, victimization and anesthetization, as well as false empowerment and the irony of imaginary utopian gestures in relation to people who look for any topos (place) that would let them in. These are some of the issues we will discuss and think together about.
The seminar is curated by Erik Berggren and is a collaboration between The Museum of Forgetting (http://www.museetforglomska.se/filter/English), ACSIS (Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden), Linköping University and Norrköping Art Museum.

Program book In the Flow

The full program for our conference is now available for download as a pdf (150 pages), please use the link in the header. The program contains timetable, session descriptions and all individual abstracts. Participants will be given a printed program upon arrival.

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