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Advance Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden - ACSIS



The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural research, affiliated with Linköping University’s Campus Norrköping.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the research field of cultural studies by serving as a bridge-builder between institutions, subjects and perspectives. ACSIS is a coordinating and dynamic resource for Swedish cultural researchers, acting as a link to the transnational field of cultural studies. During 2014 ACSIS will largely focus on the public interfaces of cultural research.


Publishing for Public Knowledge

Jenny Björkman will replace Celia Lury as one of the speakers on the workshop Publishing for Public Knowledge. The workshops will discuss new opportunities and threats facing academic publishing today, not least for those engaged in open access journals.

'Therepeutic Culture' and 'Sustainabilities'

Culture Unbound is proud to present two new thematic section exploring discourses that have had a large, but also ambiguous, impact on public life over the last decade. ‘Therapeutic Culture’ focuses on how ideas and ideals around wellbeing and personal development are enacted in contemporary society, from popular culture to public policies. ‘Sustainabilities’ examines the role of the discourse on sustainability within the cultural and ecological economy. All articles are freely available at Culture Unbound's homepage.

Raka Shome visits ACSIS

ACSIS hosts Raka Shome as visiting researcher in September-October 2014. During her time in Sweden, she will participate in a number of seminars. The first, titled White Femininity and Cosmopolitan Healing: the Spiritual Fix of Whiteness, will be held in Norrköping on October 1st. Following this, seminars will be held in Umeå on October 3rd, Växjö October 9th, and Göteborg October 16th.

Interfaces II: ACSIS c/o Historiska

This year, ACSIS, in partnership with the National Museums of World Culture and the Swedish History Museum, arranges two workshops on the topic of ‘Interfaces’. The workshops aim to examine the boundaries between explorative cultural studies and the collections and interpretations of museums of culture by way of a dialogue between actors in the borderland, as well as museologists, curators and cultural and media studies students and researchers. The first part of the workshop was held in May, and the second will be held October 31st on the Swedish History Museum (in Swedish).

Call for session proposals

June 15-17 2015 ACSIS will arrange its sixth biennial conference on cultural research in Norrköping, Sweden, themed “In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities”. Cultural studies scholars from all over the world are invited to propose and organise group sessions that run in parallel throughout the conference.

Events this month


Publishing for Public Knowledge

Seminar - ACSIS
Culture Unbound celebrates five years of success with the workshop “Publishing for Public Knowledge”. Culture unbound is an “open access” journal, and we think cultural research should produce public knowledge. Today, new threats but also new tools for such critical knowledge have appeared. There is a need to acknowledge these, and the workshop aims to engage with the challenges for academic publishing.
Last date to sign up: 2014-11-01
12:30 - 18:30
For more info see http://www.isak.liu.se/acsis/seminarier?l=sv, contact Martin Fredriksson, e-mail martin.fredriksson@liu.se, phone 011-363492.

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