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The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) is a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural research, affiliated with Linköping University’s Campus Norrköping.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the research field of cultural studies by serving as a bridge-builder between institutions, subjects and perspectives. ACSIS is a coordinating and dynamic resource for Swedish cultural researchers, acting as a link to the transnational field of cultural studies. Between 2015-2017 ACSIS focus on “Meditatisation of Everyday Life”. During 2016 the activities will evolve around how research methods are currently changing.


Conference 2017

Next ACSIS Conference will be held in Norrköping, Sweden the 19th-21st of June 2017. Call for panels and papers will be announced after the summer.

ACSIS support five workshops on the challenges and possibilities of cultural research

Under the heading Leaving the comfort-zone: a critical look at cultural research, contemporary challenges and possibilities the following exciting workshop projects are granted support:
• Making it matter: publics and practitioners in cultural research on the arts, Alison Gerber, Uppsala University & Anna Lund, Linnaeus University.
• The place of Art and Aesthetics in Cultural Research, Max Liljefors & Robert Willim, Lund University.
• Interpreting instruments and instrumentality in measuring, Åsa Bäckström & Håkan Larsson, Stockholm university.
• (non)representational-dinner-conversation/gather-around-art, Luis Rafael Berríos-Negrón, Anna Laine & Johanna Rosenqvist, University Collage of Arts, Craft & Design.
• The role of art and humanities in environmental crisis: a walking workshop, Anna Kaijser, Linköping university.

The projects are expected to lead to panels, sessions or papers at ACSIS’ conference 2017, and/or articles or thematic sessions in the open-access peer-reviewed journal Culture Unbound: Journal of Cultural Research.

New Thematic Section from Culture Unbound

Publishing for Public Knowledge is a collection of essays discussing a number of current challenges in the academic landscape of publishing and knowledge-production. Edited by Johan Fornäs, Martin Fredriksson, Eva Hemmungs Wirtén and Naomi Stead, the thematic section considers especially the complex processes by which the scholarly journal straddles the border between what we think of as “bound,” and “unbound,” knowledge. Publications such as academic journals are not just neutral tools for disseminating results, but intrinsic to the political economy of knowledge-production. With this theme, we would like to continue the important discussion of the new opportunities and threats to contemporary academic publishing, and contribute to a further discussion on how academia can provide sustainable future platforms for open knowledge.
Together with the thematic section, two independent research articles are also published.

A critical look at cultural research, contemporary challenges and possibilities

Leaving the comfort-zone:
a critical look at cultural research, contemporary challenges and possibilities

ACSIS invite academics at Swedish universities to arrange workshops on the conditions for cultural research. Support for a workshop can be granted with up to 15 000 SEK. The workshop should be held in 2016 and ideally lead to participation at ACSIS’ conference 2017, and/or publications in the open-access peer-reviewed journal Culture Unbound: Journal of Cultural Research.

Mobile Research / Researching Mobility

Workshop, 09:30—16:00, November 25, 2015
EB G38, University of Western Sydney
Today’s cultural researchers are becoming more mobile as the funders of their research are increasingly investing in internationalisation. Individual researchers are given opportunities – or must meet expectations – to work outside their home country, and contribute to an ever-growing number of projects conducted in partnership with researchers in different countries. While many aspects of mobility are fairly well researched, we as academics rarely subject our own mobility to the same kind of attention. We think that it is important to reflect on how mobility affects the research process and the production of knowledge.
This workshop explores the mobility of research through four panels. The first two panels directly address questions of mobility within academia, while the second two focus on specific research projects. The workshop is part of a collaboration between the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) based at Linköping University (LiU). In the afternoon PhD students from LiU and WSU will present their ongoing work, and researchers from ICS and LiU are invited to comment on the presentations from their own academic and geographical perspectives, aiming to establish a dialogue between Swedish and Australian researchers.

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Culture Unbound - Journal of Current Cultural Research

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